Why Choose Squarespace as Your Website Design Platform

As you contemplate your new website's design you're also faced with a big decision.  Choosing the platform in which to use for designing, hosting and maintaining your website.

When asked what platforms are being considering the initial response is almost always Wordpress.  Why Wordpress one might ask.  The response usually is because of its popularity and the mis-guided perception that one can build a site for 'free' using the platform.  However, this perception could not be further from the truth.

So if not Wordpress, then what?  There are literally dozens upon dozens of website design platforms to choose from.  Narrowing it down to only a few can still overwhelm a person who has little experience working with the platforms.

To help you decide we will outline only one website platform that we feel is worthy of a post - Squarespace.  Why Squarespace?  Well let us count the ways:

  • DIY DNA - Squarespace was designed with the Do-It-Yourself user in mind, making it notably easy for users to maintain and update their sites.  Managing websites is a matter of dragging-and-dropping and pulling on corners to resize images.  If you've used a computer you'll feel right at home with Squarespace.
  • Beautiful Design Platform - Squarespace templates are beautiful and thoughtfully designed to incorporate web design best practices, which means that your website will have the best "form and function" baked right in.
  • Peace of Mind - Squarespace is a self contained platform from top to bottom.  This means there's never any need for software, plugin or widget updates; security vulnerabilities; or worrying that one change will break something else.
  • Responsive Design - Mobile traffic now accounts for more than 60% of all website traffic.  With that in mind, it's critical that your site performs across all platforms (desktop, phone, tablet).  Every Squarespace template includes a unique mobile experience that matches up the overall style of your website - so your content looks great no matter where someone is accessing it.
  • Built-in SEO - Every Squarespace website is setup with all the necessary bells and whistles needed for a strong SEO strategy.  Read more about understanding and execution of SEO here.
  • Award Winning Support - Customer service at Squarespace is available seven days a week, 24-hours a day and has won several awards for their customer care.
  • 13 Years of Experience - Squarespace wasn't born yesterday, as a matter of fact Squarespace launched in 2003 and has grown steadily.  Squarespace is well funded and is far from a 'flash in the pan'.
  • Room to Grow - Squarespace scales nicely. Squarespace was designed for everyone from bloggers to musicians to online retailers and restaurants.

Visit Squarespace to learn more about what the platform can do for you or contact us for more information.


Remig Raffanti

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