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Smartphones and tablet adoption is increasingly rapidly, which means the importance of mobile-friendly websites is also growing. The approach to user experience and design has been changed with the widespread use of these devices. Mobile devices have advanced web-browsing capabilities and before their advent, there was only one challenge for website designers; maintaining the same feel and look of their website. However, interacting with websites on smartphones or tablets is not the same as doing so on desktop computers. Different factors such as screen size, click versus touch, pixel resolution, optimized markup and support for Adobe Flash have become crucial in creating websites with responsive design.

It is has become essential for every business to opt for a responsive website design if SEO is a primary component of their digital marketing strategy. This is because mobile sales have already surpassed desktop sales and it is mobile internet usage is also rising by the minute. Therefore, you need to have responsive website design, which is basically coding and laying-out a website in a way that it offers optimal viewing experience across a wide array of devices. The elements of the website i.e. audio/video, images and other elements automatically adjust themselves to a variety of devices including desktop PCs and mobile devices.

Here are some benefits of having a responsive website design:

1. Flexibility: Websites with responsive design are fluid, which means that they allow the content to move freely across all devices and screen resolutions. This is applicable to images and grids. According to a responsive web design expert from, the fluidity of responsive web design is similar to that of a liquid that draws in or spreads out to enable its content to fill an allotted space and still maintain its appearance. Hence, the same is applicable to website content on a device’s screen.

2. Cost Effective: The benefits of having a single responsive website that conforms to different devices are considerable as opposed to having two websites so there are plenty of cost savings. Sites that have been designed only for mobile device traffic are unable to offer the advanced navigational features associated with desktop websites and they also require users to keep two separate addresses. This is inconvenient for people and they may end up at your competitor’s website. With a responsive design, SEO efforts are enhanced and all visitors are directed to one website, regardless of what device they are using.

3. Great User Experience: There is no denying that content is king and the user’s ability of discovering it is the foremost success metric. However, it is the user experience that engages visitors to stay on a website and consume content through the device of their preference or choice. This means that responsive web design is about offering users optimal experience no matter what device they are using and that’s exactly what it does. It accommodates the college student at night and busy professional during the day. No resizing or scrolling is needed, which enhances user experience and draws in visitors again and again.

4. Easy Management: If you have a separate desktop and mobile website, your SEO campaigns are also different for both. This can create management issues. With a responsive website design, you only have to focus on one SEO campaign for both desktop and mobile websites. A mobile-specific strategy can be incorporated in the overall strategy to achieve the desired results.

5. Google Approved: As it is the king of search, you have to listen to Google and it has recommended responsive web design as it has the same URL and HTML, which makes it easier for Google to index, organize and crawl content.

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