Mobile Scores Again This Holiday Season

The latest stats from this past holiday season only seem to solidify what pundits have been predicting for years.  Mobile use among shoppers soared.

A whopping 70% of shoppers used their mobile device to search businesses and research products.  Interestingly, 90% of which accessed this information through web browsers and not through stand alone apps.

What does this mean?  Clearly there is a need for consumer facing businesses (retailers, restaurants, coffee houses, etc.) to adopt a responsive website design.  However, surprisingly, so few businesses have prepared for this migration.  A vast majority of small business websites are poorly configured for the mobile user.

Case in point...I'd recently been traveling on business and wanted to take my client out for dinner.  I used Trip Advisor to suggest a few places and was directed to the restaurant's websites.  One website was poorly configured and forced me to scroll and pinch for their hours of operations and contact information.  To view the menu I had to download a PDF and enlarge and shrink it just to get an idea of what was on their menu.  The other restaurant was quite nicely configured.  Their hours of operations and contact info was easily accessible and their menu was integrated as a part of their website.  Which restaurant do you think I chose?

So what to do?  Simple.  Businesses need to redesign their websites and adopt a responsive website design to support today's mobile user.

Remig Raffanti

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