How To Start Designing Your Squarespace Website

So you're looking for a new website.  It can be daunting and a bit intimidating, but we're here to tell you it doesn't have to be. We recommend starting with Squarespace.  Squarespace is an incredible platform for any small business, nonprofit, restaurant or designer in need of a portfolio. Squarespace is intuitive and has all the features you could ever ask for. Furthermore, it's secure and requires virtually no maintenance.  So if you're ready here are some of the initial steps (links included) to get you on your way to designing your new Squarespace website. 

  1. Create an outline of the content to your site something like this.
  2. Select a template and set up your free trial account (resource). 
  3. Choose your domain name if you don't already have one.
  4. Add your logo (if you don't have one go here), social sharing logo and favicon.
  5. Setup your information (company name, address, phone, email and hours of operations) and don't forget to add a brief description of your business (this will assist with SEO).
  6. Layout your pages and navigation based on your original website outline (resource).
  7. Now start stylizing the site (resource).
  8. Connect your social accounts (resource)
  9. Sign up and map your domain (only if you haven't set it up through Squarespace).

Additionally, here is a guide from Squarespace that can help you get started.  

If you run into any challenges Squarespace Customer Service is incredible and if your looking for a more personal touch may we recommend a website design studio by the name of rSquare;)



Remig Raffanti

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rSquare is a Squarespace design studio specializing in website design for restaurants, musicians, nonprofits and small business. We are based in Milwaukee Wisconsin but serve clients nationwide.