6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Website Designer

Your website is important!  It's more important than any business card.  You should spend just as much time and effort on your site as you would with anything you consider critical to your businesses success.  Your website is your digital storefront and its a direct connection to an engaged audience.  If you take away anything from this post it is that 'your website is critical to your businesses success'.

So, as you contemplate your next move to redesign your website you need consider who would be the perfect fit to do so.  Your business is unique and every business has a story to tell - make sure you have the right storyteller.   

Here are a few things to consider as you go through the process of selecting your website designer:

  1. Probably the most important, yet the most overlooked aspect in selecting your website designer, is whether or not he understands your business.  This is not to be taken lightly...their knowledge involving your business and the market in which you compete is critical to your website's design and its success.  Can they add business insight beyond your website's design and layout?
  2. Do they understand the importance of mobile?  Over 70% of all searches are conducted on a mobile device, as a result, Google has made a huge change to their search algorithm, essentially dropping sites in search rankings for not having a mobile friendly site. Your website designer should have a 'mobile first' philosophy.
  3. Who is the designer designing for?  You or your customer?  If they don't have a solid understanding of your business then how can they design with your customer in mind?  Think about it.
  4. Is their pricing transparent?  How are they pricing the project?  Does it include SEO, Hosting, etc.  Make sure to ask the right questions.  There is really no reason SEO should be added cost, because optimization is done more efficiently during the design process.  If they are charging you extra for this, you should be very skeptical of their understanding of SEO and its application.  And what about that ongoing maintenance!
  5. What CMS (content management system) do they use?  This is important because there will be a day that you will have to access your website and make changes to your site and in doing so you want to insure the system is intuitive and user friendly.  You do not want to be stranded with an outdated site simply because the CMS is too complicated and cumbersome to use.
  6. Personally, do you connect with the website designer?  Just because they can design a website, does may not mean they have the bed-side manner your comfortable with.  A website design is not a quick project and requires a great deal of time invested by both parties.  So are you ready to spend ample time with this person?

As you venture into the process of a website redesign we're hoping that these few bits of wisdom will come in handy.  Use this as a guide and you should be well on your way to acquiring the right person for the job.


Remig Raffanti

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