3 Website Design Tips To Better User Experience

An effective website design keeps people at the forefront of the design process - it's key to building an engaged audience.  Site traffic and retention is squarely dependent on the design and aesthetics of your website.  Your website's design needs to pull people through intuitive and clear navigation cues that can only be accomplished by making it easy for your customers to find what they're looking for.

Good website design begins and ends with a website that is visually engaging, clean and easy to navigate.  Here are some elements to consider when designing your site: 

Website Typography: Choosing the right typography will direct your user to read and understand what you want to convey and take the guess work out by eliminating hard to read or illegible text.  Typography provides the user a visual hierarchy allowing you to direct them to your most important information in the shortest amount of time.

Responsive Website Design: We continue to harp on this, but the fact remains that 75% of all users access the Internet via a mobile device.  Hence, they prefer mobile-friendly sites.  As much as this knowledge has become commonplace, 96% of users still complain about the non-responsiveness of sites. It is critical to make responsive web design and development at the core of your web development process as 70% users now take to multiple devices for surfing the net. This is 'NOT' shrinking your website to be viewed on these devices but adjusts your site to the variations in screen sizes, pixel quality, and graphics can keep visitors glued easily. 

Avoiding Flashy Website Designs: No need to make your design overly complex by creating a site that is too flashy.  It makes little sense to include large, slow-loading graphics, animations, and video clips in your website's design. This only creates an impediment to the user experience.  You can bet that your audience will move on to a competitor without so much considering your business.

Remember, your website design is dependent on the target audience. Website design features such as color schemes, usage of white space, fonts and styles are essential to connecting and engaging with your target audience.

Remig Raffanti

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