2016 Small Business Website Design Trends

Let's be honest...some website design trends are well and fine for those clients with deep pockets (implementation can be costly).  However, that doesn't mean the small business with limited resources shouldn't be just as vigilant in considering some of the more meaningful website design trends for 2016.

1)  Usability
This website design trend never gets too old.  It's always been about the user and their experience with your site.  Keeping things simple and clean will help you overcome the typical usability obstacles.  But sometimes simplifying things can be a bit more complicated that you may think.

2)  Responsive Design
Is your website mobile ready...well it should be.  For one, Google will be penalizing those websites that aren't by dropping them down the search rankings.  But most importantly, over 75% of users are accessing content via their mobile device.  Whether its searching for a good restaurant or buying a quick gift - your design should start with a mobile first website design approach.

3)  Modular Design
Compartmentalizing your website with block grid patterns will increasingly be used due its ability to segment content without overwhelming the user.  This approach uses the 'highlight' approach to displaying your content.  Something to consider if your business requires passing through a lot of content.

4)  Flat Design
Simplifying your website design elements into flat artwork will continue to be a popular trend. The move towards 'less is better' creative will benefit your website in a couple ways; 1. your image files will weigh less resulting in faster load times, 2. the designs will be more user friendly and recognizable than the more complex designs of the past.

5)  Cool Typography
It wasn't so long ago that you could only choose from a few 'website safe' fonts.  However, today the number of 'website safe' fonts are growing exponentially.  Be creative in your use of typography (but don't go overboard).  Use a typeface that compliments your business and your voice (corporate, fun, quirky, retro, etc).

6)  Stock or not to Stock
For some businesses stock photography may be the only cost effective solution, and there's nothing wrong with that.  However, if your budget allows, try to plan on having a photo session with a photographer.  For those on a budget, call up your amateur photographers (high school and college students) and hire them to conduct a photo shoot.  They'll cost a fraction of what a professional photographer will, and whats more you'll likely be pleased with the results.

As a small business owner, nonprofit, or restauranteur you should undoubtedly incorporate some of these trends into your website's design.  But, if time or technical 'know how' is an issue why don't you consider soliciting a designer for there help.

Remig Raffanti

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