1. How much will a new site or redesign cost me?
    The answer to this question is usually not that simple.  Every design is unique and its requirements vary dramatically - no one site is the same; as a result it is impossible to provide an estimate without discussing your website design project in more detail.  However, we were founded on the principle that 'everyone deserves a beautiful website' - what this means is that we make every attempt to create a beautiful design irregardless of budget.  But before you select based on price, consider the following:

    -  The quality of their work (visit their site - do you like what you see?).
    -  Are their designs reflective of current trends or are they stuck in the past?
    -  Are they familiar with the most current technologies (does their portfolio reveal their use of responsive web design?).
    -  Do they truly understand your business and your customers (can they offer you ideas to improve your business?).  
  2. Do you offer payment options?
    Yes!  For those clients needing a bit more flexibility in paying for their website we offer a few payment options...you can check them out here.
  3. Can you fix my (Wordpress) site?
    We've encountered many business owners insisting on a Wordpress site.  However, for the typical small business or nonprofit, Wordpress is not a good option - its content management system is not intuitive and requires a bit more tech savvy than most expect.  We've turned down countless opportunities to 'fix' a site - the reason is simple, most site designs that need fixing are poorly designed to begin with and we are not in the business of fixing someone else's work.  However, Squarespace has made it simple to import your current Wordpress site...contact us to learn more.
  4. How quickly can you complete my site?
    Once we sign a contract we are dedicated to your project.  Typically we can have a site completed within two weeks; depending on the complexity of the project, of course.
  5. Why do you recommend Squarespace over Wordpress or other custom solutions?
    Although, we have extensive experience with other platforms, there are a number of reasons why we recommend Squarespace over Wordpress:

    -  Stability - depending on the host provider you select, the plugins that are used and the code that is created, you could end up with a very unstable site.  Furthermore, since Wordpress is an open source application; few of their plugins are tested or updated regularly, and as a result, it can leads to links that don't work, SEO that fails and/or unintended site redirects.

    -  No maintenance required - unlike Wordpress, which requires constant maintenance, Squarespace requires very little, if any, maintenance.  The need for continual maintenance is just another cost that you should not have to endure.

    -  Ease of Use - most businesses want to have access to their site for simple changes.  The Squarespace content management system is simply more intuitive than Wordpress and provides the casual user the flexibility to make simple changes without disrupting the integrity of the site.

    -  24/7 Support - Squarespace has dedicated support that is awesome, whereas Wordpress has very limited support and is reliant on a community of users to answer your questions.  This leads to long response delays, information overload and many times inaccurate/inconsistent information.

    -  No Backups Required - Unlike Wordpress, which requires you to consistently backup your site, Squarespace does it for you - so that you can concentrate on your business and not have to worry about technical issues surrounding a website.

    -  Cost - Sure, your Wordpress designer can provide you a competitive upfront price.  But you're missing the bigger picture; the added long term costs.  These costs can run into the thousands in site maintenance and change requests.  For those that are not tech savvy you're at the mercy of the designer you've hired to maintain and update the site.  Before you select your designer make sure you discuss any long term costs.
  6. Do you offer other services beside website design?
    Our core competency is website design, however, we do have clients that are in need of other design services and as a result of our client's needs we've built a network of talented designers and writers we can tap into should the need arise.  What's nice, is that we've done all the vetting, so that you don't have to.